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21 October 2015

Sperm donors are needed to help couples in the UK achieve their only hope of having a family.
Donor sperm

16 September 2015

An awareness of how the biological clock affects natural conception and how fast your biological clock is ticking is invaluable information to you.
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2 July 2015

Here at Complete Fertility we have reduced our waiting times for people requiring donor eggs.
Using donor eggs

24 June 2015

Latest figures from the HFEA show that the numbers of women undergoing fertility treatment using donor sperm have risen consistently over recent years.
Single women

17 June 2015

Patients undergoing treatment at the Complete Fertility Centre, Southampton are currently being invited to take part in the PROMOTE trial.
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10 June 2015

We understand that it can be a daunting process working your way through a price list for fertility treatment. We now have just one package for IVF.
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3 June 2015

Patients are invited to take part in a trial to examine if increased levels of certain micronutrients in a couple’s diet improves the embryo quality.
Fertility research

27 May 2015

Coping with infertility and embarking upon treatment can be, for many people, very emotionally and physically challenging.

20 May 2015

In recent years our centre has seen a substantial increase in the number of same sex couples seeking fertility treatment.
Same sex

11 May 2015

Donating sperm is a generous and positive act that gives others, who may not be able to start a family without it, the chance of having a child of their own.
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6 May 2015

If you need IVF treatment to have a baby, you can get greatly reduced private IVF with us from just £500 by donating half your eggs at the same time.
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