25 February 2019

Support for egg and embryo recipients

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If you’re thinking about having fertility treatment and using an egg or embryo donor to help create your family it’s important to talk through your emotions and the implications of using a donor.

Depending on your circumstances and personal preferences, you might want to do this individually, as a couple, or in a group. 

You, your partner and those close to you will naturally be experiencing a range of emotions and you may find it beneficial to discuss these openly to help understand them and any differences you may have. 

You may also want to consider how a child born from your fertility treatment might feel about being donor conceived and how you will talk to them about this and their genetic heritage.

Here at Complete Fertility we offer a counselling service, and we have just introduced a new free support group especially for egg and embryo recipients, to provide the opportunity to discuss your feelings and to discuss the implications of your treatment.

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Our Counselling Service

Judi Noakes

Counselling is a valuable opportunity to talk through the implications of donor conception with someone not emotionally involved in the process. 

All patients using an egg or embryo donor at Complete Fertility Centre are required to use our counselling service, to fully explore the implications and any issues, before making any final decisions. 

We include up to six sessions of counselling in our egg and embryo recipient packages.

Our Egg and Embryo Recipients Support Group

Complete Fertility is delighted to offer this new support group on Wednesday 27th March from 7.30 to 9pm at Complete Fertility Centre.
Everyone who is considering fertility treatment with donor eggs or embryos is welcome to join the group.

This support group is facilitated by our Counsellor Judi Noakes.

It aims to offer mutual support and the chance to share information, an opening to find a new support network and reduce your feelings of isolation, the opportunity to be amongst people who understand what you’re going through and what you may be feeling, and face to face discussions instead of impersonal internet resources in a group of people seeking fertility treatment with donor eggs or embryos.

Our Counsellor

Our counsellor, Judi Noakes, has a wealth of counselling experience. Judi trained as a Counsellor with Relate in 2009 and she has worked extensively with individuals, couples and families looking at relationship and fertility issues. 

She provides her patients with confidential and supportive fertility counselling services throughout their fertility journey. Judi also runs free patient support groups at Complete Fertility Centre for anyone in the South of England who is experiencing fertility difficulties.

“Patient support groups can be invaluable to many people going through infertility. This group will offer the chance to talk to others who are also going through infertility, to share feelings and experiences, with members supporting each other on this rollercoaster journey.”

Says Judi Noakes, Counsellor and Infertility Support Group Facilitator.

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