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    Why choose Complete Fertility?

Why choose Complete Fertility?

Choosing the right clinic for your treatment is one of the most important decisions you will have to make on your fertility journey.

Reasons to consider Complete Fertility

  • Our success results are above the national average (based on HFEA data) for positive test and clinical pregnancy per embryo transferred for IVFICSI and Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). Our donor insemination success rates are up to 14% above the national average.
  • At the forefront of IVF technology
  • Both NHS and private patients welcome.
  • Convenient clinics in Southampton, and Bournemouth allowing appointments closer to home.
  • Fixed price IVF, ICSI and IUI packages with no hidden costs during treatment.
  • Egg share programme and packages.
  • Treatment for heterosexual and female same-sex couples and single ladies.
  • We have a very low multiple birth rate of 1.2% 2019 YTD.
  • The first clinic to use an innovative mobile app specially designed for fertility patients that aims to communicate with, support and empower patients throughout their treatment journey, both logistically and emotionally.
  • Large quality sperm bank with donors available right now, and wide choice of quality egg donors to our patients who need donor eggs. All our donors are background checked with extensive screening and medical examinations.
  • Strong emphasis on patient support.
  • We offer your first embryology consultation free of charge. During this consultation an embryologist will discuss your eggs, sperm and embryos in more detail whilst offering you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your gametes, their culture and development.
  • IVF and ICSI private patients can choose time-lapse Embryoscope™ monitoring as part of their treatment cycle.The Embryoscope™ is an incubator that provides continual digital images of the embryos for the whole time they are in the IVF laboratory. This highly detailed data helps embryologists to identify the embryos with the highest potential for pregnancy whilst remaining undisturbed in optimum conditions of the incubator. Patients also keep a copy of their time-lapse video.

A complete approach

• An early ultrasound confirms pregnancy in successful cycles.

• Patients are offered a complimentary door to door taxi service on the day of egg collection and embryo transfer.

• Committed to sustainability we offset the carbon emission on the first year of nappies for every child born from Complete’s treatments (in partnership with Carbon Clear).

How to choose a fertility clinic

The HFEA offers free, clear and impartial national information. You may find it useful to look at its Choose a Fertility Clinic for more information about how to choose a clinic.