Ovulation Induction

    What is ovulation induction?

    Ovulation induction involves using medication to stimulate your ovaries into producing more eggs.

    How does ovulation induction work?

    When ovulation (release of an egg by the ovary) is not occurring regularly, ovarian stimulation can be used to increase the chance of an egg being produced in a cycle.

    Hormones identical to those in your body are used to increase the growth of follicles that develop fully to produce eggs. Your stimulated cycle is monitored by blood tests and ultrasound, and ovulation may be initiated by an injection (hCG). Couples will be advised when is the best time to have intercourse.

    Are there any risks?

    The chance of a multiple pregnancy increases using this method of assisted fertility. The likelihood of twins is approximately 10 – 20% with each pregnancy. This may not suit your personal circumstances or not be medically appropriate. A cycle may be cancelled if it appears that too many follicles have been produced or it may be recommended that a couple proceed to IVF treatment.

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