Patient Support

Many people find coping with infertility and embarking upon treatment very emotionally challenging. With this in mind, we offer all of our patients a comprehensive support toolkit to help you navigate your way through your fertility journey.


Part of Complete Fertility's ongoing patient care includes the provision of a confidential and supportive fertility counselling service. This is staffed by our committed and experienced counsellor, Judith Noakes.

It's recognised that fertility struggles can be an upsetting and isolating experience. Our counsellor offers support, before, during and after the varying stages of your fertility journey.

We offer up to six sessions of counselling in our treatment packages, whilst you are receiving treatment with us, and for up to six months after your last treatment cycle.

Counselling may include discussing the implications of treatment options as well as what it might mean to you to make or receive donations. Implications counselling (including telephone counselling) is also offered to those considering cryo-preservation of sperm in the event of cancer treatments.

Counselling can also be helpful at the end of treatment, in coping with the long-term issues of fertility problems and in helping find a way forward in life, possibly without children.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) also advocate counselling provision for those with fertility issues.

Patient Support Groups

Our patient support group is open to anyone currently experiencing infertility who would like to share information and experiences and for mutual support and understanding. Check out the events here


Complete Fertility Buddy System

Complete Fertility offers you the opportunity to be matched with a “buddy” during your treatment cycle.  Having a buddy during your treatment cycle is an opportunity for you both to receive support and offer assistance to each other throughout your fertility pathway. 

How do I register interest in being matched with a buddy?

Contact us at and our team will carefully select you a buddy in a similar situation to you.  You will then be given your buddy’s preferred method of contact to enable you to connect with one another in your own time.

MediEmo App

Complete Fertility patients are encouraged to use our MediEmo app to help them monitor their fertility treatment.

Patients can monitor their mood and the app features coping techniques for extra support during treatment, especially during the waiting period for your pregnancy test.

You can access information about the clinic, FAQs about treatment, and the drugs you need to take, as well as any notifications on the app.

Designated Nurse Team

Our nurses work in small teams and patients are assigned to one nurse team for a personalised approach allowing you to build a relationship with the nurses in your team.

Learn more about the nursing support you will receive by watching our Nursing Support During Your Fertility Journey Webinar.

Additional Patient Support

If you feel you require additional support, simply email We have five support staff across our teams to help and we will get back to you to discuss the individual support options we can offer you.


Other Support

Listen to this podcast on patient support by our Clinic Director, Julia Paget.

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