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Donor Program

Complete Fertility offers a range of services related to sperm, egg and embryo donation.

Whether you are a couple or individual that needs to use a donor or you are looking to donate, our experienced team are here to guide and support you throughout the process.

Using a donor

At Complete Fertility Centre we offer access to fertility treatment with donor sperm, eggs or embryos to help you have a baby.

Become a donor

The gift of life through donation is a truly valuable and honourable act that positively changes the lives of those who would not be able to start a family without donated eggs or sperm. We need many more donors to help couples achieve their only hope of having a baby.

  • Become an egg donor - In the UK there are an increasing number of women who need donor eggs in order to conceive and a shortage of donors. Egg donors are compensated £750 in line with HFEA guidance. More about egg donation.
  • Egg Freeze and share programme -  Eligible patients will donate half of their eggs to the Complete Fertility Egg Bank to help someone else start a family of their own. The Complete Fertility Egg Bank is a bespoke egg bank exclusively for the use of our patients.
  • Become a sperm donor - Women need donor sperm either because their partner is infertile, has a genetic disorder that may be passed on, or there is no male partner. Sperm donors are compensated £35 per visit in line with HFEA guidance. More about sperm donation.
  • Embryo donation – If you have frozen embryos stored with us that you do not need to use yourself, you may wish to donate your embryos to a couple in need. More about embryo donation.

Want to know more?

To find out more about our sperm, egg or embryo donation services please contact us or enquire below.

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