Egg freezing

Egg freezing is a fast growing fertility trend that empowers women regarding their fertility. It offers the option to start a family when you are ready without worrying about your biological clock.

Complete Fertility believes in patient choice and offers egg freezing for social and medical reasons.

We understand that more and more women want to build a career or have personal goals that they wish to achieve before embarking on a family.

Why freeze your eggs?

You might choose egg freezing if you are:

  • considering postponing childbearing for social reasons  
  • considering cancer treatment or other treatment that may cause you to lose your fertility
  • at increased risk of premature ovarian failure or early menopause
  • wishing to undergo a sex change.

What age should I freeze my eggs?

Age is a major factor when considering egg freezing. A woman's peak fertility is when she is in her 20's. You have the most eggs and the highest quality eggs when you are young. Ideally, you should have this procedure in your twenties or early thirties but you can consider it later on. You should discuss this with your consultant who can give individual guidance.

The egg freezing process

  1. Pre-treatment screening tests - to determine if egg freezing is a good option for you.
  2. Egg production stimulation - our team of experts will monitor and enhance your ovulation to increase egg production.
  3. Egg collection - a 30-minute procedure under ultrasound guidance.
  4. Egg freezing - using a process called vitrification your eggs are rapidly frozen to -196 °C in liquid nitrogen.
  5. Egg storage - your frozen eggs are stored in one of our secure tanks containing liquid nitrogen until you choose to use them to become pregnant.


Free and confidential counselling service is available to patients who are considering egg freezing.

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