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    NHS patients

    Fertility investigations and diagnostics are available on the NHS at Complete Fertility.

NHS patients

Fertility investigations and diagnostics are available on the NHS at Complete Fertility.

Below are the details of the criteria to be eligible for treatment on the NHS. Referral for treatment must be from your NHS GP or NHS Consultant.

When completing your application for funding you can select which of the clinics offering NHS treatment in your area you would like to have your treatment at.

Do you qualify for NHS treatment?

Some patients may qualify for NHS funded fertility treatment. This is organised by your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), who set out their eligibility criteria.

We have detailed below the eligibility criteria for Southampton City CCG and Dorset CCG. Other CCG's including South Eastern Hampshire CCG, Portsmouth CCG, Isle of Wight CCG, Fareham and Gosport CCG, North Hampshire CCG, North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG and West Hampshire CCG have their own eligibility criteria and funding. Check with your GP to see if funding is available in your area.

Southampton City CCG funding

One NHS funded cycle of IVF treatment available to couples who live in Southampton CCG and satisfy the eligibility criteria set out below. One cycle of IVF treatment is defined as one cycle of ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval and fertilisation and up to two separate embryo transfers (fresh/frozen or frozen/frozen as clinically indicated). It includes appropriate diagnostic tests, scans and pharmacological therapy. Those that live in Southampton could also fall under the West Hampshire CCG which only provides a fresh cycle transfer not frozen. Please check with your GP to see what funding is available in your area.

The freezing and storage of viable embryos from NHS funded IVF will be funded for up to 3 years (or the female's 42nd birthday of this is sooner) so that couples have the option to use stored embryos at a later stage if they choose to do so.  

Sperm storage will be funded for post-pubertal males under the age of 55 years who are about to undergo medical treatment which is likely to result in long-term sub-fertility. Subsequent assisted conceptions procedures using the sperm will not be funded unless the other eligibility criteria are met. 

IVF using donated eggs from UK clinics licensed by the HFEA will be commissioned. Surgical sperm retrieval will be commissioned in appropriately selected patients, provided that the azoospermia is not the result of a sterilisation procedure or the absence of sperm production.

Eligibility criteria for patients in Southampton City CCG

The patient / couple must:

  • Comply with NICE Clinical Practice

and have gone through the primary and secondary care sub-fertility pathways appropriate to them before IVF is considered. See https://guidance.nice.org.uk/CG156 These investigations must all have been completed prior to referral for assisted conception: Rubella, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. FSH / AMH is also offered.

  • Have had infertility of at least 1 year duration 

Couples with a diagnosed cause of absolute infertility which precludes any possibility of natural conception, and who meet all the other criteria, will have immediate access to IVF on reaching the eligible age range. All other couples must have infertility of at least 1 year duration.

  • The woman must be 34 years or below at time of referral

The age at referral should be before the female’s 35th birthday. Women approaching the age of 35 years must be referred in time to be able to commence treatment before their 35th birthday.

  • Never have received NHS funded IVF/ICSI treatment or have had more than 2 self funded cycles of IVF/ICSI and have no frozen embryos stored from a previous cycle.

If a couple has had frozen embryos transferred as part of earlier self-funded treatment the frozen cycles will not be counted as previous cycles, when assessing eligibility for NHS funded IVF. 

  • Women in same sex couples or women not in a partnership must be demonstrably sub-fertile

(10 unsuccessful cycles of IUI as evidence of unexplained infertility).

  • Not have a living child (including adopted) from their relationship, or any previous relationship. 
  • Not have been sterilised for either partner. 
  • Have a BMI range between 19 and 29.9 for at least the last six months.
  • Both be non-smokers for at least the last six months.

Dorset CCG funding

One NHS funded cycle of IVF/ICSI treatment available to couples who live in Dorset CCG and satisfy the eligibility criteria set out below. 

A full cycle is defined in this criteria based protocol as 1 fresh and 1 frozen implantation of embryos. A frozen cycle will only be available if there are embryos generated from the fresh cycle suitable for freezing. Once treatment has commenced couples are able to delay treatment between the fresh cycle and frozen cycle up to 12 months – up to the 1-year period that the stored embryo is funded by the NHS. Delays outside of this period will need to be agreed by the patient’s GP and the CCG. 

Storage funding will be funded for a period of one (1) year.

Female same sex couples access to assisted conception is the same as it is for heterosexual couples i.e. one partner in the relationship is infertile and all other criteria are met. Same sex couples will need to evidence infertility. Proven infertility will be defined as: one partner has explained infertility i.e. blocked tubes or anovulation; or a woman of reproductive age who is using donor insemination to conceive should be offered further clinical assessment and investigation if she has not conceived after 6 cycles of donor insemination treatment, in the absence of any known cause of infertility. Donor insemination and intrauterine insemination in this situation would not be funded by the NHS. For female same sex couples who have not conceived after 6 cycles of donor insemination consider 6 cycles of unstimulated intrauterine insemination as a NHS funded treatment option for female same sex couples. In the case of women in which only one partner has proven infertility, clinicians should discuss the possibility of the other partner becoming pregnant before proceeding to interventions involving the partner with proven infertility.

Eligibility criteria for patients in Dorset CCG

The patient/couple must: -

  • Couple preferably registered at same GP practice within NHS Dorset.
  • Have no living children from this or any previous relationship, including adopted children but excluding fostered children.
  • Both partners are non-smoking for 6 months prior to referral, measured by registering below 5 on the carbon
    monoxide breath test.
  • Female partner BMI is 19 to 29.9kg/m2 for 6 months prior to referral. Male partner BMI under 30 kg/m2 for
    6 months prior to referral.
  • Referral before female’s 42nd birthday and completion of cycles before 43rd birthday.
  • 3 year stable on-going relationship.
  • Trying for 2 yrs with same partner documented by GP.
  • No previous NHS funded cycles.
  • Patients have NOT had vasectomy or sterilisation, or reversal of these procedures.

For more information follow: https://www.dorsetccg.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Fertility-Policy.pdf

NHS treatment for the British Armed Forces

NHS England will commission up to three cycles of IVF for Armed Forces couples who meet the criteria set out in their Assisted Conception Policy. If you are in the British Armed Forces take a look at the eligibility criteria.

For armed forces couples, your first port of call for fertility treatment is with a local or military GP. If you see a local GP, you should make sure they enter you to the Armed Forces Families’ Programme. If you see your military GP, it's a good idea to ask them for a letter on headed paper clearly stating which one of you is serving. 

After seeing your GP and completing a full set of tests, you will be referred to a fertility clinic where the application process will continue. Depending on your continued eligibility, you will then be able to choose an approved fertility clinic for your treatment, such as Complete Fertility Centre. 

Not eligible for NHS funding?

If you are not eligible for NHS funding you may consider our competitive and comprehensive self-pay packages or IVF through our egg sharing scheme. Our S1 egg sharing package is £0 and includes everything you’ll need for a standard IVF cycle