Preconception Programme

Our preconception programme aims to optimise conditions for a healthy pregnancy.

There is an increasing understanding of the impact of lifestyle on the chance of spontaneous conception and success in IVF.

Now that the effects are becoming clear of what toxins such as nicotine (smoking) may have on gamete quality, implantation, pregnancy and long term health, and the importance of a healthy diet prior to conception has on success of IVF and natural conception, we and other leaders in the field are taking a more proactive approach to optimising pre-conceptional conditions.

The Barker Hypothesis

The University of Southampton is world famous for discovering the links between the conditions in which the embryo and unborn baby develop and their chance of developing severe disease later in life. This is the so-called ‘Barker Hypothesis’ described by Professor David Barker here in Southampton.

Complete Fertility's 'Programme for Pregnancy'

The preconception programme is Step One in Complete Fertility's 'Programme for Pregnancy'.

The programme starts with an individual consultation with our specially trained nurses. They will work with you to draw up a personal profile indicating what factors you might be able to influence to improve your chance of conceiving with and without fertility treatments.

Having completed the profile, your nurse will discuss what options are available to support you in making changes in for instance diet or smoking, and agree with you your own personal goals for improving your chance of success when step two of your treatment, the medical interventions such as IVF, begin.

Book an appointment

To book an appointment for the preconception please simply give us a call or enquire online.