Early pregnancy wellbeing packages

Helping you with expert reassurance in the early stages of your pregnancy.

Our Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Miss Henny Lukman, has over 20 years experience in early pregnancy assessment and is passionate about the health and wellbeing of women.

We understand that for many women who have had fertility treatment, early pregnancy can be a worrying time. If you are concerned or just want peace of mind, we can offer advice and risk free ultrasound scans as part of our early wellbeing packages to reassure you that all is well with your baby.

What's included

An early wellbeing package includes a pregnancy scan and a consultation with Miss Lukman to:

  • confirm your baby’s heart beating
  • determine your baby’s position in the uterus
  • find out your baby’s measurements
  • see how many babies you are carrying
  • calculate your estimated due date (EDD) from 8 weeks gestation
Early pregnancy wellbeing packagesPrice
Consult and scan at 8 weeks by consultant£ 300
Consult and scan at 8 weeks by consultant and repeat scan at 10 weeks by sonographer£ 450
Any additional consultant scans£ 250

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