About Fertility

Having a baby may seem simple for many. However, the reality of conception and pregnancy is actually extremely complicated. There are many stages in the process where the chain of events may break down.

If you are trying to conceive it helps to have an understanding of how the male and female reproductive systems work, the factors that can affect fertility and what you can do to improve your chances of conceiving.


The basics of conception and pregnancy as well as tips to boost male and female fertility.


There are many reasons that you may be having problems conceiving.

ovulation calculator

Use our ovulation calculator to get an indication of when the best time is to conceive.

fertility tests

We offer a number of tests to help evaluate male and female fertility.

How long should I wait before seeking help?

Some women get pregnant quickly but for others it can take longer. One in six couples in the UK experience difficulties conceiving. It is a good idea to visit your GP if you haven’t conceived after one year of trying.

If you’re over the age of 36, or you are already aware you may have fertility problems, you should see your GP sooner. Your GP can check for common causes of fertility problems and can refer you on to a fertility centre if required.

To find out more about your fertility please contact us today or book an appointment with one of our fertility consultants.