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Fertility Tests

At Complete Fertility Centre we offer a range of simple fertility tests to assess your overall reproductive health and identify any potential male or female fertility issues that might be affecting your chances of conceiving.

Our fertility tests include

  • Fertility check up: Complete Fertility offers a fertility check to assess your fertility.
  • Preconception programme: Preconception medicine aims to optimise conditions for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Semen analysis: The man's sperm is assessed for quality and chances of conception.
  • SpermComet: A SpermComet is a specialist test performed to check a man’s sperm quality and DNA health.
  • Hycosy: Your Fallopian tubes are assessed to see if an egg can travel down them with ease.
  • Follicular tracking: Involves monitoring your cycle by ultrasound to identify the appropriate time to get pregnant. 
  • Early pregnancy wellbeing package: Pregnancy scan and a consultation for expert reassurance in the early stages of your pregnancy. 

If you have been trying to conceive for 12 months or more (6 months if you are over 35) then we recommend you book an appointment with a fertility consultant to organise some fertility tests.

You can find our pricing here.

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You can find our pricing here.