The Complete Fertility Research Programme

As a university hospital-based Fertility Centre at the forefront of new developments in Fertility Medicine we would like to tell you about our leading research programmes and invite you to consider participating.

Our group, led by Professor Cheong focuses on the factors which can be modified prior to and around the time of conception to improve chances of having a healthy child from fertility treatment and in particular the impact of nutrition.

We also have a particular interest in how embryos implant, and have developed novel techniques to study how receptive the womb is, when letting an embryo implant. Our world-leading research in this field will help us to design new treatments to help increase the chance of a healthy baby being born after treatment.

Current fertility research

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Recent fertility research

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Fertility research publications

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International Advisory Board

As a leading centre, we have close connections with a number of famous pioneers in infertility medicine.

Professor Bart Fauser is a long term former colleague of Professor Macklon who has a ling and distinguished career both as a teacher and researcher. He is in charge of the largest IVF centre in the Netherlands, and has published many highly influential scientific papers. Professor Fauser visits our unit regularly as a ‘Visiting Professor’ at Southampton University.

Another Visiting Professor appointed recently is Professor Rob Norman from Adelaide in Australia. Professor Norman is a world leading researcher in the field of nutrition and infertility, and was the first to show how diet and exercise can help women become pregnant. He now leads one the Robinson Institute in Adelaide, and is also a regular visitor to the Complete Fertility Centre.

Two of the most important pioneers in the field of IVF come from Brussels. Professor Andere van Stiertegheim and Professor Paul Devroey are particularly famous for having invented ICSI treatment, which revolutioned the treatment of severe male infertility. Together they have published many hundreds of scientific papers, and have shaped modern IVF practice. Our group continues to have close collaborations with Professor Devroey and van Stiertegheim, and both provide regular advise as to how we can develop our service to help our patients.

When young women are faced with treatment for cancer, one of their first concerns is how that treatment may affect their future fertility. At Complete Fertility Southampton, we are working closely with Professor Claus Yding Andersen from Copenhagen, to offer new ways of helping women in this very difficult position. Professor Macklon also works close with Professor Andersen on a number of research projects.

Professor Bill Ledger is one of the most well know Fertility Specialists in the UK. A former colleague of both Professor Macklon and Dr Cheong, he runs a large and successful IVF unit in Sheffield ,and is know for his pioneering research, popular lectures and frequent expert appearances on radio, television and magazines, in which he advises couples on fertility.

Professor Iain Cameron is Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Southampton University. As a leading reproductive endocrinologist he has carried out important work to help our understanding of infertility and how the womb functions. As former head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology here in Southampton, he remains closely involved in the activities of the department and advises on scientific matters at the Complete Fertility Centre.