Infertility Support Group

Our Infertility Support Group brings together anyone currently experiencing infertility who would like to meet with others, to share information and experiences and for mutual support and understanding.

Supporting you on your fertility journey

Everyone who is affected by infertility is welcome to join the group irrespective of the stage they are at in their infertility journey and their sexuality, including heterosexual and same sex couples, men and women, whether currently single or in a relationship.

What we offer

• Mutual support and the chance to share information
• An opening to find a new support network and reduce your feelings of isolation
• The opportunity to be amongst people who understand what you’re going through and what you may be feeling
• Face to face discussions instead of impersonal internet resources 
• A chance to gain information from occasional infertility specialist speakers

What we do

We aim to offer the chance to talk to others also going through infertility, to share feelings and experiences, with members supporting each other on this rollercoaster journey.

At some meetings we will divide into smaller groups, such as men only, to offer the opportunity to discuss specific matters relevant to these individuals for a 20 minute session. We will also invite guest speakers along.

"We hope to remove the feeling of isolation that infertility can bring by offering an informal forum where discussions with people who really understand infertility and its emotional impact can be had in a supportive environment." 

- Denise Durham

Additional support

If you feel you require additional support, simply email We will get back to you to discuss the support options we can offer you.

Sorry, we don't have any upcoming events at the moment.