Embryology consultation

A detailed discussion regarding your eggs, sperm and embryos. Your first one is free!

At your first free embryology consultation one of our embryologists will talk to you about the embryology and laboratory side of IVF. You will have the opportunity to discuss your eggs, sperm and embryos in more detail and ask any questions you may have about them, their culture and development.

Time to ask questions

You can book your embryology consultation at any stage of your treatment: before, during or after – it’s up to you! It may be useful:

• If you’re about to start your first IVF or ICSI cycle and you’d like to know more about what will happen to your eggs, sperm and embryos in the laboratory.

• During the two weeks after your embryo transfer whilst you’re waiting for your pregnancy test. You can ask more details about your cycle which may be helpful support during the difficult stage.

• If you’ve had one cycle that was unsuccessful and you’d like to know more information about your embryology.

To book

Call 02380 010 570