• Fertility in the City

    Come along to ‘Fertility In The City’ hosted by Complete Fertility at Southampton Harbour Hotel's Bow function suite in Southampton on Thursday 17th October from 6.30pm. 

    Join us for a glass of prosecco with your friends and learn more about your fertility. 

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  • Leaders in Fertility Care

    At Complete Fertility Centre we offer a range of fertility treatments and services to give you the very best chance of having a baby. 

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  • Leading Science & Research

    Our doctors and scientists are the forefront of IVF technology using the most advanced proven techniques available.

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  • World-class success rates

    Our success results are above the national average (based on HFEA data) for positive test and clinical pregnancy per embryo transferred for IVF, ICSI and Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET).

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We offer a range of fertility treatments to help you conceive including IVF, IUI, egg share and donor eggs and sperm.

Our fertility clinics are located in SouthamptonBournemouth and Portsmouth.

Our success rates are consistently above the national averages.

Understand the cost of fertility tests and treatment and find out about our interest free payment plans.

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Date: Thu 19 September 2019

Time: 07:30pm - 09:00pm

A support group especially for men experiencing infertility. Meet with other men, share information and experiences and gain mutual support and understanding.
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Helping to keep your fertility journey moving in the right direction

Take advantage of our 0% interest payment plan that will cover the cost of your package price with no interest and no fees to pay.


For convenient and local appointments

Our satellite clinics in Bournemouth and Portsmouth are available to self-funding and NHS-funded patients who would benefit from convenient appointments closer to home.

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Our S1 package is £0 and includes everything you’ll need for a standard IVF cycle.

The amazing act of sharing some of your eggs with another woman on our egg sharing programme, and giving you both the chance of having a baby.

Become a sperm donor

A truly honourable act

We need sperm and egg donors to help couples achieve their only hope of trying for a baby.

Fertility in the City - Girls Night

Find out all you need to know about your fertility over a glass of prosecco

Information and talks about your fertility options, egg and sperm freezing, nutrition and your fertility, egg and sperm donation and, fertility support.