Becoming a sperm donor

Donating sperm is a truly honourable act.

Your donor sperm could bring hope to couples and women who would love to experience the joys of parenthood but cannot without it. Some men have a very low sperm count or no sperm for a variety of reasons, or there may be no male partner.

It takes a very special person to donate sperm. 

Sperm donors feel very positive about donating sperm and helping others to have a child.

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“It is one of the best things I have ever done in my life.”

Sperm donors receive receive a fertility check, infection screening, and are compensated £35 per visit in line with HFEA guidance.

Find out what's involved and enquire below, or call our friendly donor team on 02380 010 575.

How to become a sperm donor

1. Read our Sperm Donor Information Booklet and complete the sperm donor questionnaire.

Contact us if you have any questions or you’d like the questionnaire sent out in the post.

2. Once we receive your completed questionnaire we’ll arrange an appointment to visit us and produce a semen sample for analysis and discuss your results.

3. At your second appointment you’ll give blood and urine samples to test for transmittable diseases, meet our Counsellor and complete the consent forms.

4. A week later we'll let you know if you meet our criteria and book your first donation.

5. All donations are held in quarantine for 3 months, after which you'll have your last appointment that will include a blood and urine test. If all is clear then your sperm are ready to use and you will be compensated £35 per visit in line with HFEA guidance.

Your legal responsibilities as a donor

If you donate through Complete Fertility you will not be legally responsible for any child born as a result of your donation.

Are you eligible to donate sperm?

Sperm donors need to be healthy 18 to 45 year old men.

Sperm donor testimonials

Sperm donor 1

"My partner and I were unsuccessful in our IVF attempts. We know first hand how painful it is not to have children; you never get over it and it's always at the back of your mind.

So I was completely overjoyed to hear of the successful births from my donations - so pleased for the parents and that I could help."

Sperm donor 2

"My reasons for becoming a donor were a combination of several factors that happened over the last few years that proved to me that this was something I should consider doing.

I had reached an age where I thought I was in good health and physical condition to become what I hoped would be a suitable donor. I felt that if I was to have children then this would be possibly the best time for me, although the opportunity for this to happen in the usual way was possibly not likely for several years if at all. From a personal point of view I felt that if I was to be a donor then I would like to do it at what I considered to be the right time.

I had recently become an uncle to two wonderful nephews and seeing them grow made me realise that potentially I had good genes that should really be passed on, I already knew that my family history was good from a health point of view, so I couldn't see any reason why if I had the ability to become a parent, but I was not using that ability, then I should not try to help others who were not in the same position.

Finally after attending the initial introductory visit to the clinic and being told that my donation would be of a good suitability, and after passing all the required health checks, then it seemed like all the signals were right and that I had the ability and the interest that were necessary, to help others who would make great parents but for whatever reason then they were not able to."

Sperm donor 3 - Message from a donor sperm recipient

"Our lives, since having the children are 100% better than we could have ever dreamed. Nothing we can say can ever come close to thanking the man who made this possible.

For many years we were broken hearted. Now we have a normal and very happy family. Our lives have been totally transformed thanks to our donor - thank you.

Each night we tuck up our treasured, bright, wonderful little girl and our completely mad, sweet, beloved little boy - because of the generosity of just one man. Thank you."

Laura and David

Sperm Donation booklet

To find out more about becoming a sperm donor please contact our donor team on 023 80 010575 or email