Semen Analysis

We use the most advanced scientific methods to identify potential areas for concern in your semen analysis.

A semen analysis is a sperm test that assesses a male's sperm for quality and chances of conception.

Following your semen analysis, a report will be written to show the number of sperm (the ‘count’) the way the sperm are moving (motility) and the number of sperm that look normal (morphology). We also assess the sperm to see if there are antibodies present that cause the sperm to stick together.

This semen analysis will give your doctor important information about your fertility, and if you're seeking treatment, will also help the doctor decide which type of treatment is right for you.

When To Seek Help

If you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant for more than a year (sooner if you are over the age of 36), we recommend you book an appointment with a fertility specialist who can conduct some simple fertility tests.

Private & NHS Semen Analysis Available 

You can book a private semen analysis with us, with no need for a GP referral.

You can also be referred by your GP for an NHS semen analysis. 

How Is a Semen Analysis Done?

You will be asked to attend Complete Fertility Centre to provide a semen sample for analysis immediately after production. Prior to your appointment, you must abstain from sexual intercourse or masturbation for three to five days to obtain the best possible sample from you. 

Booking a Semen Analysis

You can book a semen analysis here or by calling our friendly team on 02380 010570.