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    We have donor sperm available right now....

    We have a wide selection of donors available for use in donor insemination, IVF, egg sharing and reciprocal parenting treatment for same-sex women. 

    Once registered you can view and select our donors online at home. 

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  • Same sex parenting

    Donor Insemination success rates are up to 14% above the national average

    The latest HFEA clinic statistics show that Complete Fertility Centre’s 31% donor insemination (DI) success rates are 14% above the national average for patients below the age of 38, and 12% above the national average for patients who are 38 years of age and over.

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Fertility treatment for female same sex couples

Complete Fertility gives lesbian couples the very best chance of having a baby

We are proud to support the LGBTQ community and of our reputation for offering donor insemination to ladies in a same-sex relationship.

We have high-quality donor sperm available now from rigorously screened donors for you to choose from.

Complete Fertility works in partnership with you and your partner to develop a personalised fertility treatment plan to help you have a baby. We offer donor spermIUIIVFegg sharing and reciprocal parenting with excellent success rates.

Our donor insemination success rates are up to 14% above the national average.
Our modern centre brings together experts in fertility medicine to provide first-class and complete assisted conception care throughout your journey.

Here’s a useful overview of your fertility options as a same-sex woman wishing to become a parent.

Donor sperm

We have a dedicated, quality sperm donor programme to help you conceive using donor sperm. All of our sperm donors are UK-based healthy and fertile men who are screened in line with the HFEA’s strict regulations.

IUI with donor sperm

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm, also know as donor insemination (DI), is a fertility treatment that directly places specially prepared sperm into your womb at the time when your eggs are being released.

IVF for same sex couples with donor sperm

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) involves removing your eggs from your ovaries and fertilising them using donor sperm in a laboratory dish. The best quality fertilised egg, known as an embryo, is then placed back in your womb. Any other good quality embryos that are left can be stored by us for future family building.

IVF with donor sperm and egg sharing

If you are considering donating some of your eggs to an anonymous recipient who needs donor eggs to help achieve a pregnancy, our S1 package may be of interest to you. Eligibility criteria apply You will require the use of donated sperm too.

Reciprocal or Partner IVF

IVF with donor sperm and partner to partner sharing

If you would like to donate half of your eggs to your same-sex partner and the other half to an anonymous recipient, we can offer you a highly affordable all-inclusive package. This increasingly popular partner IVF option allows both partners to be directly involved in the creation of their baby. You will require the use of donated sperm too.

IVF with donor sperm and donor eggs

The donor eggs can be from your same-sex partner or an anonymous donor if you need donor eggs to conceive. Donor sperm is also required.

What is the cost of Reciprocal IVF 

The cost of your reciprocal IVF will depend on the exact treatment you choose. You can see our Reciprocal IVF costs here

Fertility check up

You can have a single or couple fertility check up to give you a comprehensive picture of your fertility health to support your fertility planning, to determine the best fertility treatments for you, and to indicate the partner with the best chance of conception.

Egg banking

You can freeze your eggs until you are ready to start a family.

Why choose Complete Fertility Centre?

  • IVF and IUI treatment using donor sperm
  • High-quality sperm bank from rigorously screened donors available now for you to choose from based on a number of personal characteristics
  • Reciprocal IVF available
  • Patients can bring their own sperm donor if preferred
  • The option of adding to your family in future years using the same donor to give your child a sibling (subject to HFEA family limits)
  • Excellent success rates. The latest HFEA clinic statistics show that Complete Fertility Centre’s 31% donor insemination (DI) success rates are 14% above the national average for patients below the age of 38, and 12% above the national average for patients who are 38 years of age and over.
  • No waiting list for IVF and IUI
  • Convenient clinics in Southampton and Bournemouth
  • Competitive and fixed price packages so you don't need to worry about any hidden costs
  • Interest-free finance plans
  • IVF through egg sharing 
  • A modern, professional and friendly centre
  • Treatment advice fully explained
  • Up to six sessions of counselling are included whilst you are receiving treatment at Complete Fertility and for up to six months after your last treatment cycle.
  • Open evening specifically to discuss fertility treatment options for same-sex ladies.


We offer a free and confidential counselling service for our patients considering fertility treatment with donor sperm to explore its implications. Counselling is available throughout your fertility journey with up to six counselling sessions included in your treatment package.

Beccy and Rhian's success story

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When you're ready to talk to us about your fertility treatment options our donor team will be happy to answer your questions and give you more information. Please contact us or enquire below.


Thank you for helping to make all of our dreams come true. Our perfect son has made his grand appearance and is the most beautiful thing we've ever seen (we may be a tiny bit biased!)

We have really appreciated the care we have received at Complete, and we can't thank you enough for helping us to become a family.

- Caroline and Sophie

Options for same sex couples