Egg banking

Complete Fertility believes in patient choice and offers women the option to freeze their eggs for social, as well as medical, reasons. We understand that more and more women want to build a career or have personal goals that they wish to achieve before embarking on a family.

Egg freezing empowers women regarding their fertility. It offers the option to start a family when they are ready without worrying about their biological clock.

The egg freezing process

The Complete Fertility team of experts will monitor and enhance your ovulation to increase egg production. We will then retrieve your eggs and freeze them using the latest process called vitrification. The frozen eggs are stored in one of our secure tanks containing liquid nitrogen until you wish to use them to become pregnant. This process halts the normal process of biological degradation and is a sensible option for women wanting to start a family when they are ready.


A free and confidential counselling service is available to patients who are considering egg banking.

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