Donating Your Embryos

If you’ve had successful fertility treatment with us, you may have frozen embryos stored with us that you don't need to use yourself.

One option is that you can choose to donate your embryos to other couples in need.

What's involved in embryo donation?

Enabling someone to have a child through the gift of embryo donation is one of the most wonderful things you can do. Our donors feel a huge sense of pride and achievement, knowing the joy they have brought to people who could not otherwise become parents.

Embryo Donation Team

However, the decision to donate embryos should not be taken lightly and you will need to consider your long-term welfare and that of your family. All of our embryo donors are required to attend a session of implications counselling to talk about any ethical and legal issues and share any questions to enable them to come to a confident and comfortable decision about whether to donate their embryos.

If you want to donate your embryos, you will need to also complete a questionnaire, be screened in accordance with regulations to ensure your embryos are free from any infection, serious medical problems or genetic conditions and fill out consent forms


Like adopted people, people born from embryo donation have the right to ask the HFEA for the donor’s identity (full name, last known address, date of birth) when they reach age 18 or older.

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To find out more about donating your embryos please contact us or enquire below.

Embryo Donation Webinar