14 June 2019

Ivy Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

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Complete Fertility

As international medical and scientific community interest grows in the Ivy Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, it is with great pleasure that we can share that the publication of Ivy’s early findings was this week confirmed in the world’s leading peer-reviewed journal for fertility health, Human Reproduction.
The online paper can be viewed by clicking here. The next print edition of the Journal is expected in the coming months.
Ivy is the first global collaboration for Virtus Health, proving the power of our international network, with evaluation of the technology conducted on data obtained from 10,638 embryos cultured in time-lapse incubators from eight different Virtus Health IVF clinics, across four countries, between January 2014 and December 2018.  The data shows that the predictive value of Ivy (0.93) is significantly higher than any other published algorithm or selection approach.
We believe Ivy shows great potential to contribute to IVF medicine by shortening the time to a successful pregnancy and increasing IVF pregnancy rates for our patients. The next step is to carry out a planned randomised controlled trial (RCT) to better understand the clinical role of Ivy and, in particular to find out what contribution, if any, it can make to improving success rates in IVF. There are other forms of ‘artificial intelligence’ but none have demonstrated the sophisticated level of predictive value of which Ivy is capable of.
“The development of Ivy AI is something we can all be proud of, and I once again thank and congratulate all the teams at Virtus and Harrison.AI who have been involved in progressing the Ivy AI technology to where it is today. I look forward sharing the future results of Ivy with you following the planned RCT.” 
Sue Channon, Group Chief Executive Officer.


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