19 December 2018

5 tips to help you cope with the stress of fertility at Christmas

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Christmas is seen as a time for family and friends but often with these get-togethers the awkward questions about when you’re going to have a baby are asked that may increase your anxiety and stress levels.

So, we’ve put together five tips for a more relaxed Christmas for our friends on the fertility roller-coaster.

1. Understand your feelings – think about what might trigger you and what events you’d like to attend or do this Christmas so that you’re mentally prepared for them.

2. Just say no – to invites you think will make you feel uncomfortable. It’s ok, you don’t have to force yourself to go to everything or put yourself in a difficult situation.

3. Start something new – the Christmas break can be a fabulous time to enjoy new things, start a new tradition or think about doing things differently. Perhaps arrange a visit to the theatre, start a new pastime or activity, book a short trip away or have a relaxing spa day.

4. Talk about your feelings – tell your confidant about how you are feeling and the situations that make you feel awkward. They may then be able to then help deflect some questions.

Our support group meets monthly to offer you the opportunity to talk about how you’re feeling amongst people who understand what you are going through and who can offer mutual support.

5. Try to impersonalise stories – as difficult as it may seem, try to remember that your friends and family will discuss topics that you would rather they didn’t, such as stories about their baby. They won’t be talking about these on purpose to upset you. If you do feel distressed by these conversations you can try to steer the conversation to another subject or make your excuses to move away from it.

Stay strong, have some strategies to keep you calm and try to enjoy the Christmas break.

Join our Free support group – Thursday 20th December, 7.30-9pm @Complete

If you’d like to join our support group please email Judith.noakjes @uhs.nhs.uk.

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