4 December 2018

The Most Amazing and Generous Gift of All

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With Christmas fast approaching our thoughts turn to finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones.

But have you thought about the most amazing and generous gift of all? The gift of life to a woman or couple who cannot become a parent without donated eggs or sperm.

In the UK there is an increasing number of women and couples who need donor eggs or sperm in order to try to get pregnant and a shortage of donors.

Almost every day a woman or couple learns the devastating news that they have very little or no chance of having a baby without the help of donor sperm or eggs.

Who needs donor sperm?

Donor sperm is needed by a broad group of patients who cannot have a child without it.

It can be men who have a very low sperm count or no sperm that may be due to poor testicular function, which could be the result of surgery, trauma or cancer treatment. Other men carry a genetic abnormality that they do not wish to transmit to their offspring. There may be no male partner as in the case of single women and same sex couples.

Who needs donor eggs?

There are many reasons why a woman or couple may need an egg donor.

The woman may have: suffered a premature menopause, a reduced ovarian reserve, eggs that will not fertilise, never been able to produce eggs, lost the use of her ovaries due to disease, surgery or cancer treatment, or an inherited genetic disease and want to use donated eggs so as not to pass the disease on to their children.

Why become a sperm or egg donor?

Our sperm and egg donors feel a huge sense of pride and achievement, knowing the joy they have brought to others who could not otherwise become parents.

You may decide to donate for various reasons including:

  • Having witnessed a friend or family member pursue fertility treatment.
  • Having had or requiring fertility treatment yourself, and feeling empathy and a desire to give something back.
  • A wish to help others experience the joy parenthood brings after completing your own family.
  • No other reason than wanting to help.

Some of our sperm donors have told us:

“It is one of the best things I have ever done in my life!”

“I had the potential to have a massive positive impact on someone else’s life.”

“I can understand how it feels not to be able to have a child.”

“Most guys are doing it anyway so you might as well do it for a good cause!”

Some of our egg donors have said: 

“I feel so fulfilled after becoming an egg donor but even better is knowing that I have given other people hope and a chance to become parents,” Liz, egg donor.

“After my family was complete it seemed such a waste that my eggs would be unused. I didn’t want more children but I wished the same happiness for other, less fortunate couples,” Laura, egg donor.

How to find out more information about becoming a donor

The Complete Fertility Donor Program is run by a dedicated donation team who are here to help you every step of the way. We consistently offer high standards of care for all of our sperm and egg donors at our conveniently located centre in Southampton.

For more information regarding eligibility and the donation process visit https://www.completefertility.co.uk/become_a_donor.php

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