17 October 2018

How to donate sperm

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Donating your sperm to help someone have a child is a truly wonderful and generous act. Donors feel a sense of pride, knowing the joy they have brought to people who could not otherwise become parents.

At the Complete Fertility Centre Southampton our donor team are on hand to guide you through the process of donating your sperm in a confidential and discreet manner.

Steps in sperm donation

If you’re considering sperm donation the donor information booklet is an invaluable document that gives you a comprehensive outline of the process.

If you have questions along the way then just call our Donor Team on 023 8120 8359 or email donorcoordinator@completefertility.co.uk.

Step 1 – Questionnaire

Complete the Questionnaire.

Step 2 – Your first appointment

You will meet with a member of our donor team who will tell you more about the process. You will be asked to produce a semen sample for  analysis  in a private and quiet room. The sample is normally analysed while you are in the clinic to find out if it meets the donation criteria.

Step 3- Counselling

You will meet with our fertility counsellor to discuss the implications of sperm donation and to ask any questions you may have.

Step 4 – Screening

You will have screening tests to ensure that you are free from infection and that you have a normal genetic makeup.

Step 5 – Consents

Consent forms will need to be completed and signed prior to sperm banking. Our donor coordinator will talk you through these forms.

Step 6 – Medical consultation

One of our consultants will go through your medical history and make sure that you are fit and well.

Step 7 – Sperm banking

This will involve visiting the clinic typically once a week to produce a sperm sample, which is then frozen . Normally we ask you to produce 15 sperm samples to ensure we have a sufficient amount stored for our recipients.

Step 8 – Post donation and final screening

Once your sperm banking is complete you will have screening for infectious diseases again. This is done through a blood test and urine sample.

Your samples will then be quarantined for six months before we again ask you to attend a final screening.

If all results are negative, meaning that you have not contracted any infection while sperm banking, your sperm will be released and used for treatment. At this point, if you have elected to be compensated for the appointments you have attended, your bank details will be taken and a bank transfer arranged.


If you have any questions about the process of sperm donation then please post them here for our team to answer.

Alternatively, call our donor team on 023 8120 8359.

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