21 November 2018

Complete Fertility Centre celebrates one thousand babies born as a result of fertility treatment

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Over 1000 babies have now been born following fertility treatment at Complete Fertility Centre Southampton since its inception in 2011.

Amazingly that equates to approximately one baby being born every two to three days!

The arrival of over 1000 babies demonstrates Complete Fertility’s mission to give patients the best chance of achieving a healthy singleton baby to complete their family.

Incredibly proud

“We are incredibly proud to have helped so many families on the South Coast of England. We have reached this milestone by offering compassionate, patient centric, research-based and accessible NHS and private fertility care,” said Professor Ying Cheong, Medical Director.

Whilst our values have remained the same, much has changed since we started out over seven years ago. Technology has advanced and contributes to our excellent success rates in IVFIUIovulation inductionICSIsperm and egg freezingfrozen embryo transfersegg sharingdonor egg and sperm fertility treatment.

We now offer time lapse Embryoscope monitoring for our IVF and ICSI patient’s embryos. This incubator provides continual and highly detailed digital images of the embryos for the whole time they are in the IVF laboratory and helps our embryologists to identify the embryos with the highest potential for pregnancy, whilst remaining undisturbed in optimum conditions of the incubator. Patients also get to keep a copy of their time-lapse video.


Our patients can also benefit from an innovative mobile app, MediEmo, specifically designed for fertility patients that; communicates with, supports and empowers patients throughout their treatment journey, both logistically and emotionally. Patients receive notifications of their drug regime and can review their drug administration anytime; they can record how they feel daily and view their emotional diary graphically whilst the clinic can interact if required. The app also holds a multitude of specific fertility information and coping techniques.

Today we can perform ovarian tissue cryopreservation for women with newly diagnosed cancer to preserve her fertility. A woman’s healthy ovarian tissue containing her eggs is removed and frozen before the start of her cancer treatment and preserved until she is in remission or of child-bearing age, when the tissue is thawed and re-implanted to allow the return of her ovarian function so she can try to conceive naturally or by IVF.

Exciting times

This year, we were acquired by Virtus Health Ltd, the market leading Assisted Reproductive Services (ARS) provider in Australia and Ireland. Virtus Health has invested heavily in our facilities and we are now at the end of a refurbishment project that bestows modern facilities and a contemporary environment.

“It is exciting times for Complete Fertility and we look forward to helping many more patients realise their dream of having a baby.” Ying concluded.

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