Frozen Embryo Transfer FET

Frozen embryos from a previous IVF or ICSI cycle are thawed and placed in the woman's womb.

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At Complete Fertility Centre 44% of FETs in women 34 years or younger achieved a clinical pregnancy in 2017.

Frozen Embryo Transfer FET

On average, there is a 50% chance that those having an embryo transfer in an IVF or ICSI cycle will have more embryos than required for transfer.  If couples wish, the healthy embryos not transferred may be frozen for later cycles.  This allows you to attempt pregnancy again without going through the complete IVF process, avoiding stimulated egg growth and the accompanying injections.

Barcoding of Embryo

Our Embryologists barcode all embryos before they are entered into the storage tanks to safeguard their identity.

How are frozen embryos replaced?

Embryos may be replaced in either a natural or hormone replacement cycle. In a natural cycle the woman’s cycle is monitored carefully to time when she produces an egg. The date at which the lining of the womb (endometrium) will allow implantation of the embryo can then be calculated. The embryo(s) can then be thawed and embryo transfer performed as in a fresh IVF cycle. Alternatively, hormones may be used to build up the endometrium to allow implantation.

About 70% of all frozen embryos survive the thawing process. Although some couples may have all of their embryos survive in good condition, others may not have any that survive.

Transfer to us and get 10% off your FET

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Reduced Frozen Embryo Transfer Package: £1305* includes:
• Consultations and follow up within 6 months
• Ultrasound scans
• Early pregnancy scan
• Blastocyst culture if appropriate
Drugs are not included in the package price and will cost approximately £150.
Benefit from our excellent success rates:
• 62% of FETs in women under 35 years achieved a clinical pregnancy
• 57% of FETs in women under 40 years achieved a clinical pregnancy
*FET transfers from another clinic only. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.