Alternative families

If you’re a single woman or in a same-sex relationship and want to have a baby, Complete Fertility will help make that a reality.

A Complete approach

We welcome same sex and single women for fertility advice, treatment and preservation.

We offer the following services:

Fertility check up – for both of you that gives a comprehensive picture of the fertility health of each of you. It is useful to support your family planning, to determine the best treatment options for you and to indicate the partner with the best chance of conception.

Donor sperm – we have a large quality sperm bank for our patients who require donor sperm.

IUI with donor sperm – female patients are helped to conceive by specially prepared sperm being placed directly into the womb at the time when eggs are being released.

IVF with donor sperm – removing the eggs from the ovaries and fertilising them with sperm in a laboratory dish before placing them back in the woman’s womb.

Egg sharing – for ladies who require assistance in conceiving and who would like to help others whilst also benefiting financially from a reduced fertility treatment fee.

For same sex couples, one partner may choose to donate half of her eggs to her partner so that the partner can carry the baby and the other half of her eggs to an anonymous recipient. Under these circumstances both partners will be directly involved in the creation of their baby.

Egg recipient – IVF with donor eggs by a same sex partner or an anonymous donor for women who need donor eggs to conceive.

Egg banking – women may choose to freeze their eggs until they are ready to start a family.

Counselling – up to six counselling sessions are included whilst having treatment with us and for up to six months afterwards.