Donor eggs at Complete Fertility

We have quality donor eggs for use in fertility treatment at our clinic.

Looking for donor eggs for IVF?

Then look no further. Complete Fertility is proud to offer its patients a successful egg donor programme, benefitting from high levels of expertise and experience to help you fulfil your dream of having a baby through egg donation.

What are our success rates for IVF with donor eggs?

In 2016, 62% of our women who had IVF/ICSI with donor eggs achieved a clinical pregnancy. We have donor eggs with just a short wait.

What are your donor egg options?

We have donor eggs from either altruistic egg donors or egg sharers. You may also use donor eggs from a known egg donor.

• Exclusive altruistic donor (all eggs from an altruistic donor)

Donor eggs from an altruistic donor mean you have exclusive use of all of a woman’s donated eggs. We guarantee at least five eggs for treatment or we will offer compensation.

• Shared eggs

Donor eggs from an altruistic donor are shared between two anonymous recipients or donor eggs are available from a woman who needs IVF treatment herself and who donates half her eggs to an anonymous recipient. We will attempt to fertilise at least four eggs or we will offer compensation.

How do you choose an egg donor?

You can choose an egg donor based on the donors:

• Health
• Physical traits
including ethnic origin, height, build, skin tone, hair colour and eye colour
• Education
• Profession
• Hobbies
• Pen portrait
- our donors are invited to write a description about themselves and a goodwill message intended for any child or children born as a result of their donation. This information can be used to talk to your donor-conceived child about their origins.

What is the process of using donor eggs?

Our dedicated Egg Donation Team will be your first point of contact with our clinic and they will discuss the treatment journey with you and arrange the process.

Your treatment cycle will be synchronised with the egg donation cycle of your donor, so your body is ready to receive embryos at exactly the right time.

The donated eggs are fertilised with sperm from your partner or donor using IVF. The best resulting embryo will then be transferred into your womb to grow as in a natural pregnancy.

What if more than one embryo is created from the donated eggs?

If there are multiple good quality embryos created, then these embryos can be frozen by us and stored for your future use should you so wish.

How much does IVF treatment with donor eggs cost?

We offer three packages depending upon your individual choices of egg donor. Our price list can be found here.

Will my egg donor be anonymous?

If you are using donor eggs from our Centre, the donor will remain anonymous.

Do I need to have counselling when using donor eggs?

All patients using an egg donor are required to use our counselling service, to fully explore the implications, before making any final decisions.

What are the first steps?

Please call us to discuss the donor egg programme in more detail on 023 8120 8359 or email