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24 May 2017

Patients at Complete Fertility have the opportunity of time-lapse EmbryoScope™ monitoring as part of their treatment cycle
IVF Technology

15 May 2017

MediEmo aims to communicate with, support and empower patients throughout their treatment journey, both logistically and emotionally.
IVF Technology

6 April 2017

You can safely transfer your frozen embryos or sperm to another centre and you can even import frozen samples from a outside of the UK.
Donor program

2 March 2017

In this blog you can find out why these packages are so popular with our same sex couples.
Egg sharing
Same sex

6 February 2017

We invite our patients to consider participating in our current research programmes: the endometrial scratch trial and E-freeze.
Fertility research

30 January 2017

If you’re thinking of donating your eggs, or you need to use donor eggs, our dedicated egg donation team are here to help you every step of the way.
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16 January 2017

There are many reasons men choose to donate their sperm to help women and couples have a baby who couldn’t do so without this generous act of donation.
Donor sperm

28 November 2016

If you’re considering becoming an egg donor then you’ll already have your own personal thoughts about why you might like to donate your eggs.
Egg donor

21 November 2016

If you need donor eggs to have a baby you may consider going abroad for IVF treatment. Complete Fertility in the UK have egg donors available now.
Using donor eggs

27 June 2016

Women of childbearing age diagnosed with cancer can have their fertility preserved through a pioneering procedure offered by specialists in Southampton.
Fertility preservation

14 June 2016

t is known as ovarian tissue cryopreservation and involves removing and freezing healthy ovarian tissue containing eggs before the start of cancer treatment.
Fertility preservation

3 May 2016

Age is the number one factor that affects female fertility. The biological clock varies from one woman to another but her fertility will progressively decline
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28 April 2016

Time-lapse Embryoscope™ monitoring is now available to fertility treatment patients at Complete Fertility Centre as part of their treatment cycle.
IVF Technology

12 April 2016

Here at Complete Fertility Centre we offer patients a Hycosy screening test to look at a patient’s uterine cavity and fallopian tubes.
Fertility tests

6 January 2016

We offer your first embryology consultation free of charge whereby by an embryologist will discuss your eggs, sperm and embryos in more detail
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21 December 2015

Get the facts about using donor eggs with IVF treatment at Complete Fertility Centre in the UK.
Using donor eggs

21 October 2015

Sperm donors are needed to help couples in the UK achieve their only hope of having a family.
Donor sperm

16 September 2015

An awareness of how the biological clock affects natural conception and how fast your biological clock is ticking is invaluable information to you.
Fertility tests

2 July 2015

Here at Complete Fertility we have reduced our waiting times for people requiring donor eggs.
Using donor eggs

24 June 2015

Latest figures from the HFEA show that the numbers of women undergoing fertility treatment using donor sperm have risen consistently over recent years.
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