4 July 2023

Complete Fertility at ESHRE 2023

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Complete Fertility

ESHRE, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, is a professional organisation dedicated to the advancement of reproductive medicine and science. ESHRE holds an annual conference known as the ESHRE Annual Meeting, where experts and researchers from around the world gather to present their latest findings and discuss developments in the field of reproductive health.

Several members of the team at Complete Fertility attended the ESHRE 39th Annual Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, 25-28 June 2023.

Medical Director, Prof Ying Cheong was in attendance and participated in Debate 1: Is assessing the microbiome in infertile women necessary and Debate 6: PGT-A: Should we assess chromosomal status before ET?

Prof Ying Cheong also participated in chairing the PCOS international guidelines session and the ESHRE special interest members meeting.

We were delighted to have members of the Complete Fertility team in attendance and enjoyed sharing knowledge and advancements from around the world.

Ying at ESHRE 23
Ying at ESHRE 23 2

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