2 March 2017

Same sex egg share packages increasing in popularity

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It’s comes as no surprise to us that our egg sharing packages for same sex female couples are popular and appealing to patients from far and wide. In this blog you can find out why these packages are so popular with our same sex couples.

Egg donation from your partner

Egg donation from one same sex partner to the other is becoming increasingly popular as it allows both partners to be actively involved in the creation of their baby: one partner provides the eggs and the other partner carries the pregnancy.

It may be that you are younger than your partner and so you are likely to have the better ovarian reserve, but you would like mutual parenting whereby your partner carries and gives birth to your baby.

Often same sex ladies swap roles for their second child.

Egg-sharing offers subsidised treatment

Egg-sharing involves sharing half of your collected eggs with an anonymous egg recipient who is unable to produce good quality eggs of her own. If you are donating to your partner the other half will be used in their treatment. Egg-sharing gives both you and the egg recipient the chance of having a baby, and in recognition of your donation, you benefit from greatly reduced fertility treatment fees.

Two great packages offering very competitive pricing

We offer two packages for women who wish to egg share with a same sex partner and anonymous recipient. These packages are inclusive of all consultations, screening tests, scans and drugs required, counselling, the attempted fertilisation of at least 4 eggs, embryo transfer to your partner and a pregnancy scan or follow up consultation within 3 months.

Complete Package S3

This is an all-inclusive package for IVF treatment and includes all the treatment and drug costs for the donor and their partner. It offers great value, peace of mind and no hidden costs.

The cost is £2000 plus a donor sperm fee of £300 if required. A breakdown of exactly what is included is available here. There are many added extras included in this package for example ICSI (if required), blastocyst cultureembryo freezing and storage for one year, and frozen embryo transfer if you don’t get pregnant from the first cycle.

The package is based on a minimum of 8 mature eggs being collected for the donation to the anonymous recipient to go ahead, otherwise your partner keeps all of the eggs for their treatment at no extra cost to you.

Our market research shows that there is no other package available that offers this policy combined with a very competitive package price.

Access Package S4

This is an affordable, basic package that offers access to IVF treatment at a fraction of the usual price.

The cost is just £1000, plus £300 for donor sperm if required.

Counselling is included in your package

All egg sharers and egg recipients must see our Counsellor before they start treatment to explore the issues around donating and receiving eggs and to offer support. As such we include counselling (up to 6 sessions) in all of our egg sharing packages.

Excellent success rates

We want to give the best chance of a healthy pregnancy. Between April 2015 and 2016, we achieved a clinical pregnancy rate of 56% per embryo transfer for egg recipient IVF/ICSI patients.

High quality sperm donors

We have rigorously screened high quality sperm donors. Our patients have the option of adding to their family in future years using the same donor to give their child a sibling (subject to availability).


If you are considering being an egg sharer you must meet certain criteria. These include: being aged 35 or under, with a clear medical history and a healthy BMI. Full eligibility criteria can be found here.


We have an established reputation of providing first class fertility care amongst the female same sex community.

Please call Julie our donor coordinator on 023 8120 8359 or email donorcoordinator@completefertility.co.uk to discuss your options and the programme in more detail.

Visit http://www.completefertility.co.uk/same_sex.php for more information.

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