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Patient information for those attending the clinic or wishing to attend.

Fertility information

At Complete Fertility we have gathered the latest information for patients into a hub of knowledge.

We aim to provide you all the information you need for your fertility journey. From the basics of fertility to useful tips and advice, we hope that you can find all that you need within these pages.

Fertility explained

This section of our site covers:

Fertility explained - a overview of fertility
Fertility basics - the very basics about fertility
Causes of infertility - the main causes of male and female infertility
Lifestyle and infertility - how your lifestyle can affect your fertility

Fertility Consultation

Fertility advice

Here at Complete Fertility we are developing a comprehensive set of advice for our patients and those considering becoming our patients. Check back regularly as we add to the articles below:

What men can do to boost their fertility
Your fertility questions answered
What can women do to optimise their fertility?

Injection guide

A guide to injections - only to be used if directed to by your doctor.