6 November 2017

SpermComet test available at Complete Fertility

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The SpermComet is a specialised test carried out to check sperm quality and DNA health. It identifies DNA damage in sperm and can help determine the best way forward for couples to have the optimal chance of having a baby.

What’s the difference between a semen analysis and SpermComet test?

Semen analysis shows the number of sperm (count), the way the sperm is moving (motility) and the number of sperm that look normal (morphology). It will reveal basic problems such as not enough sperm.

SpermComet test checks the quality of the sperm by looking at DNA damage in sperm. Damage to sperm DNA reduces the chance of a pregnancy and a healthy baby.

The SpermComet test can detect molecular defects even when a semen analysis looks normal. It measures the actual damage in individual sperm.

Why have the SpermComet test?

The SpermComet test provides men and couples with more information about their fertility. This helps them understand their fertility status and supports their pathway decision on the best route for them to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

One in six couples has difficulty having a baby. 40 per cent of couples having difficulty conceiving can be associated with the man. Looking at male fertility and having the SpermComet test can help save valuable time in finding the cause of infertility.

Sperm DNA damage has been shown to be a good biomarker for both male infertility diagnosis and ART prognosis. Good quality sperm DNA is vital for normal fertilisation, embryo development, and successful implantation and pregnancy in both natural and assisted reproduction.

Men produce new sperm every 70 days so simple changes in lifestyle can improve sperm DNA quality in a short time.

When to have the SpermComet test

Your consultant will discuss with you the SpermComet test if they recommend it for you.

Our clinic may offer patients the SpermComet if they have a history of: recurrent implant failure, failed IVF cycle with poor fertilisation rate and/or unexpectedly poor embryological development and recurrent miscarriages

Before starting a family, you may wish to find out if you need to make any lifestyle changes to improve your sperm quality. Sperm quality can be affected by lifestyle factors such as stress, smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, and obesity.

How much is the SpermComet test?

At Complete Fertility Centre Southampton the SpermComet test is £399.

Book your SpermComet test

Call us on 02380 010 570 or email us at info@completefertility.co.uk for further information or to book an appointment for the SpermComet test.

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