24 May 2017

Special summer price for latest Embryoscope™ technology at Complete Fertility

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Patients at Complete Fertility have the opportunity of time-lapse EmbryoScope™ monitoring as part of their treatment cycle.

During June, July and August 2017 we are offering our patients this advanced technology for the special price of £350 (normally £700).

This latest technology is a sophisticated incubator with a built in microscope and time-lapse camera. From the time of conception, your embryos will be fully monitored and recorded.

Embryologists use the highly-detailed information about your embryo’s development provided by the Embryoscope™ to help identify your embryos with the highest potential for pregnancy.

Your embryos are continuously monitored in a controlled optimum environment of the Embryoscope™ without being disturbed.

Traditionally, an embryologist removes the embryos from their incubator to see their development through a microscope. Performed four or five times during this early development stage, monitoring is at longer intervals than the Embryoscope™ and some information such as exactly when the embryos divide is missing. 

Patients are given a copy of their embryo’s time-lapse video to keep. This special recording will be your earliest keep-sake of your embryos as they develop from their time of conception. The Embryoscope™ is available to all private patients.

Booking your Embryoscope™

To book your time-lapse Embryoscope™ monitoring and take advantage of this special reduced price during the months of June, July and August 2017, please call us on 02380 010 570 or email info@completefertility.co.uk.

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