31 July 2017

Our fertility treatment options for same-sex and single women

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We are excited to be attending Brighton Pride this coming Saturday (5th August) as a stallholder. Please come and see us at this flamboyant event. In the lead up we’ve created this blog to explain the fertility options available at Complete Fertility Centre for same sex and single women.

We are proud of our reputation as a fertility centre for lesbian and single women who want to build a family of their own.

Complete Fertility Centre offers a comprehensive range of fertility treatmentsfor female same-sex partners and single women. You’ll be reassured by the support offered by our compassionate team who have an in-depth understanding and extensive experience in caring for our same-sex and single women patients.

Our fertility services include:

Fertility check-ups – single or same sex female fertility check-ups give you a comprehensive picture of your fertility health. Fertility check-ups are useful to support your family planning, to determine your best treatment options, and if you’re in a partnership then it can indicate the partner with the best chance of conception.

Donor sperm – we have a dedicated, quality sperm donor programme to help you conceive using donor sperm. All sperm donors are UK-based healthy and fertile men who are screened in line with the HFEA’s strict regulations.

IUI with donor sperm – conception is helped by directly placing specially prepared sperm into the womb at the time when eggs are being released.

IVF with donor sperm – eggs are removed from the ovaries and fertilised with sperm in a laboratory dish. They are then placed back in the woman’s womb. Any good quality embryos that are left can be stored by us for future family building.

Egg sharing – for women who require assistance in conceiving and who would like to help others whilst also benefiting financially from a reduced fertility treatment fee. Donated sperm is required to fertilise the eggs.

Partner to partner sharing – for same sex couples, one partner donates half of her eggs to her partner so that the partner can carry the baby and the other half of her eggs to an anonymous recipient. This allows both partners to be directly involved in the creation of their baby. It will require the use of donated sperm too.

Egg recipient – IVF using donor eggs, from a same sex partner or an anonymous donor, for women who need donor eggs to conceive. Donor sperm is also required.

Egg banking – freezing of eggs until a woman is ready to start a family.

Counselling – we uniquely include up to six counselling sessions when having treatment with us and for up to six months afterwards.

“At Complete Fertility we never felt like we were different in any way, or that any of the process was anything other than normal; we were just another couple who needed a little help to realise their dream of having a family” Same Sex Past Patient.

Start your family building journey with Complete Fertility Centre.

Call us on 02380 010 570 for a friendly and informal chat about your different options or take a look at our website.

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