6 May 2015

Need IVF? Become an Egg Sharer and receive your treatment for as little as £500 all inclusive

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Egg sharing involves donating half of your eggs, produced during your IVF treatment that are normally surplus, to a woman who needs eggs, so that you both have a chance of becoming pregnant.

If you need IVF treatment to have a baby, you can get greatly reduced private IVF with us from just £500 by donating half your eggs at the same time. This is called egg sharing.

Often women who choose to egg share need IVF because their partner may have reduced sperm quality or because the reasons for not being able to get pregnant are as yet unexplained. In these cases the woman sharing her eggs produces healthy eggs but needs help to achieve a pregnancy.

Other women, such as those in same-sex partnerships, choose to have IVF and to egg share because of IVF’s higher success rates than other fertility treatment options such as IUI. They also benefit from cheaper treatment whilst helping others who need donor eggs to have a baby.

Donated eggs may be needed by women suffering premature menopause, or whose egg quality is poor or those who do not have any eggs. Often, women who are infertile following cancer treatment or who have a genetic condition they do not want to pass on to their offspring will also need donated eggs.

If you decide to egg share you will undergo an IVF cycle and half of your eggs collected after stimulation will be donated to an egg recipient.

Egg sharing allows eggs to be shared with a woman who needs them

During IVF your ovaries are stimulated to produce approximately 10 to 12 eggs. UK law allows only one or two fertilised eggs (embryos) to be transferred to the womb. The remaining embryos can be frozen although in most cases, these aren’t all used even for subsequent treatments. Egg sharing allows these surplus eggs to be shared with a woman who needs them. Research shows that sharing eggs does not reduce the egg sharer’s chances of a successful pregnancy.

The £500 fee you pay for our access egg sharing package includes all your medical and nursing consultations, screening tests for sharer and male partner if applicable, counselling, stimulation cycle for sharer, semen preparation of partner sperm if applicable, egg retrieval, attempted fertilisation of at least 4 eggs, embryo transfer, pregnancy scan or a follow up appointment within 3 months, all drugs and the HFEA fee.

We also offer an all inclusive Complete Package at £1500 for egg sharers that additionally includes ICSI if required, blastocyst culture of embryos, embryo freezing and storage for one year and frozen embryo transfer if not pregnant from first cycle (to be taken within 6 months). So the only additional cost is that of donor sperm if required.

At Complete a minimum of 8 eggs is required for the donation to take place. If less than 8 eggs are retrieved then the share will not go ahead but you would keep all the eggs for your own treatment at no extra cost.

To egg share you must be, aged between 18 and 35, in good health with no serious medical or genetic conditions which could be passed on. If you’re interested see our full eligibility criteria and further information.

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