24 June 2015

More single women are having a baby on their own than ever before

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Latest figures from the HFEA show that the numbers of women undergoing fertility treatment using donor sperm have risen consistently over recent years. In 2013, 1645 cycles of fresh IVF or donor insemination treatment were carried out for female patients registered without a partner.

In today’s world these figures aren’t surprising, as more women take control of their lives in an effort to make their dreams come true.

At Complete Fertility Centre we have a wealth of experience in treating single women and helping them to have a baby. We understand a woman’s deep wish for a baby and our goal is to make that a reality.

We have a large quality sperm bank for our patients who require donor sperm. All our sperm donors are carefully screened and have full medical histories taken. We know our sperm donors very well so we can provide patients requiring a sperm donor with detailed donor profiles including physical characteristics, employment, education and hobbies. All our donors are invited to write a pen portrait that includes a description about them and a goodwill message intended for any child or children born as a result of their donation.

There are a number of treatment options for single women.

These include:
• IUI (Intrauterine insemination) for single women is where the chosen donor sperm is placed into the womb during peak fertility.
• For IVF the woman’s eggs are removed from her ovaries and fertilised with sperm in the laboratory dish before being placed in the woman’s womb. This usually has higher success rates than IUI. It’s also an option for women with issues such as blocked fallopian tubes.
• Egg sharing for single women aged 18 to 35 who fulfil the eligibility criteria offers greatly reduced fertility treatment fees. It involves giving half of a woman’s total eggs collected during their IVF cycle to an anonymous recipient who is unable to produce good quality eggs of her own. It gives both women the chance of having a baby.
• Fertility treatment using donor eggs and donor sperm for women who aren’t able to produce or use their own eggs, for example older women. Our egg donors fulfil strict eligibility criteria.

If you’re a single woman who would like to have a baby on your own then call us on 023 8120 6980 or email info@completefertility.co.uk to make an appointment and discuss your options in more detail.

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