30 January 2017

Meet our egg donor team

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We’d like you to meet the Complete Fertility Centre team involved in our egg donor programme. If you’re thinking of donating your eggs, or you need to use donor eggs in your treatment, our dedicated egg donation team are here to help you every step of the way.

Our team of experts understands the individual needs of women who need to use donated eggs and endeavours to provide compassionate support throughout your journey, from exploring whether treatment with donor eggs is for you, choosing a donor and all the way through your treatment cycle.

We also consistently offer high standards of care for our egg donors. Egg donation is a truly honourable act and all of our donors, including those wishing to share their eggs as part of their own treatment, are treated with respect and dignity whilst being mindful of their wellbeing at all times.

Egg donors generously choose to donate their eggs for altruistic reasons to help couples achieve their only hope of having a baby. Egg donors receive compensation of £750 per cycle of donation to help with any expense incurred, for example car park charges, childcare and time off from work.

Egg sharing donors are women who need IVF and “share” half of the eggs they produce during their routine IVF treatment, to help other couples achieve their dream of having a baby whilst receiving their own treatment at a greatly reduced cost.

Our compassionate and expert egg donor team









Left to right: Dr Mili Saran, Professor Ying Cheong, Teresa Gubbins, Julie Hedges and Ruth Wilde.

Julie Hedges is our Donor Coordinator. As the name suggests, Julie co-ordinates all egg donor-related treatments and services. She offers egg donors to egg recipients based on the recipient’s requirements and the donor’s characteristics. She liaises with the rest of the team to organise screening tests, counselling, doctor and nursing appointments and, treatment or donation arrangements to ensure the service runs efficiently and empathetically.

Julie will be your main point of contact via the dedicated egg donor hotline number 023 8120 8359. She will manage the whole process for you whether you are a donor, sharer or recipient of donor eggs.

Ruth Wilde is our Senior Fertility Counsellor. All egg donors and recipients will have an initial counselling session with Ruth or one of her counsellor colleagues. This session is to help donors, recipients and their partners to explore the implications of being part of our egg donor program. It is also an opportunity to discuss what support may be needed throughout the treatment or donation cycle and to ensure that everyone is fully informed and happy about the process.

The initial counselling session is completely confidential and aims to enable both donors and recipients to feel confident about their decision to either go ahead with treatment or donation, or to decide not to. Counselling is available before, during and after treatment and donors can access this specialist service at any time after they have donated.

Professor Ying Cheong and Dr Mili Saran are our egg donor consultants. Patients requiring fertility treatment with donor eggs will meet with their doctor in an assisted conception treatment consultation. They will discuss aspects of their individual treatment and fertility journey so far. This is also the appointment where written consent to the egg donation treatment is taken and prescriptions for any drugs needed for the procedure will be prepared. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Egg donors and women sharing their eggs will also have a medical appointment with Professor Cheong or Dr Saran to review their blood tests and ultrasound results and confirm their suitability to donate. The doctors make time to answer any questions about the procedure and any other aspects of donating eggs

Teresa Gubbins is our Senior Nurse Donor Coordinator. Teresa is responsible for all the practical aspects of your treatment and looking after you throughout. She will be your main point of contact during the treatment and will explain in detail an egg recipient’s or egg donor’s treatment plan, how the cycles of donors and recipients are synchronised (we only use freshly collected eggs for our donation programme) and how to administer the necessary drugs.

Teresa ensures all documentation, screening and information is up to date prior to treatment and that donor and recipient cycles are synchronised for the egg collection day. She performs ultrasound examinations during cycles and is a point of contact at anytime during treatment for donors and recipients.

More information

To discuss egg donation further, either to become an egg donor or egg sharer or if you require IVF with donor eggs, please call Julie on 023 8120 8359 or email her at donorcoordinator@completefertility.co.uk.

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