6 June 2017

How much does IVF cost?

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If you aren’t eligible for NHS funding for your fertility treatment or you are planning to pay for your own, you will be researching the cost of IVF so that you can financially prepare.

As you start to compare prices from one clinic to the next, you may find understanding the true cost of IVF at each clinic difficult and confusing at times.

Some clinics offer all-inclusive prices that include basic consultations, scans, tests and procedures needed for treatment, some may include counselling, some may offer a package price for three attempts at IVF whilst others may charge individually for every treatment cost. Often fertility drugs are an extra cost but need to be factored in so you know the complete cost.

Try to ensure you are comparing like for like prices. So if one clinic offers an all-inclusive package, ensure you compare this package price to the cost of what all the elements would cost at another clinic. Also consider if you need all the components of a package. For example, some packages may include useful additional extras such as time-lapse monitoring of your embryos as they develop (Embryoscope™). This is not essential to your treatment but is an optional extra.

IVF package at Complete Fertility Centre

So let’s take a look at what the Complete IVF package includes.

Priced at a competitive £3950, this fee includes many elements: pre-treatment screening tests for both partners, medical, nursing, embryology and follow up consultations, ultrasound scans, up to six counselling sessions, egg retrieval, blastocyst culture, sedation and embryo transfer and, an early pregnancy scan.

What we don’t include are your stimulation drugs which can cost around £600 to £1200. We don’t include these as their prices can vary. By keeping them out of the package price will allow for an economical package with drug prices based on your individual needs. The HFEA fee £80 is also excluded as it is paid to the HFEA and not to the clinic.

You can also add some extras to your IVF package as required. These may include: embryo freezing and storage for 1 year £500, ICSI £1050, donor sperm £300 (use of donor sperm requires ICSI but there is no additional charge for this) and the use of our Embyoscope™ £700.

Choosing your fertility clinic

Once you understand the costs that you are facing when having IVF treatment at fertility centre of your choice, it’s valuable to consider other factors that may be important to you when making your decision of which fertility centre to go to.

Other decision making factors may include: location, opening times, support including support groups and availability of counselling, services offered, eligibility of treatment, success rates, waiting times, embryo transfer policy and the latest HFEA inspection report.

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