27 May 2015

Complete offers support throughout your fertility journey

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Coping with infertility and embarking upon treatment can be, for many people, very emotionally and physically challenging. Understanding a little of what infertility patients go through and a desire to offer support and to help make sense of it, our Counsellor, Ruth Wilde, started an Infertility Support Group at Complete Fertility in October 2014.

Gain mutual support and understanding

The support group has since been successfully running every month, bringing together anyone currently experiencing infertility who would like to meet with others, share information and experiences and for mutual support and understanding.

Chat, share your journey, remove feelings of isolation

It offers the chance to meet up, chat, share your journey, gain mutual peer support and reduce the feelings of isolation. The group gives you the opportunity to talk to other people who are also struggling to conceive and learn from their experiences and knowledge. The members offer valuable support to each other on this emotional roller coaster of a journey.

Guest speakers

Expert guest speakers are often invited along to the meetings to discuss specific topics and offer the opportunity to ask questions. Topics have included donor conception, ask the Embryologist, ask the Doctor, endometriosis, coping strategies for the many waiting periods that people have to endure whilst trying to conceive.
At some meetings the group divides into smaller groups, such as men only, to offer the opportunity to discuss specific matters relevant to these individuals for a 20 minute session.

Meet Ruth our Support Group Facilitator

The support group is run by Ruth Wilde, Senior Fertility Counsellor at Complete Fertility. Ruth has specialised in infertility issues for the past 14 years. She has had the honour of serving on BICA’s Executive Committee for a number of years and is a former Chair of BICA.

Ruth says: “We hope to remove the feeling of isolation that infertility can bring by offering an informal forum where discussions with people who really understand infertility and its emotional impact can be had in a supportive environment.”

Free and open to everyone including non-patients

Our support group is free to attend for both Complete Fertility patients and non-patients. Everyone who is affected by infertility is welcome to join the group irrespective of the stage they are at in their infertility journey and their sexuality, including heterosexual and same sex couples, men and women, whether currently single or in a relationship.

Monthly meetings

The Infertility Support Group normally meets on the last Monday of every month at Complete Fertility, starting at 7.30pm to 9pm.

Find out more about the next meeting

Our next meeting is on Monday 29th June from 7.30pm.

Register your attendance

Email to ruth.wilde@uhs.nhs.uk or complete the form below

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