Transfer your embryos to Complete Fertility Centre and get 10% off your FET

Have you recently moved home?
Are you considering or already receiving treatment at another fertility centre?

Then you may find it useful to know that you can safely transfer your frozen embryos to another centre, even if they currently reside outside of the UK.

As your embryos don’t need to be stored at the clinic they were frozen, you have a couple of options available to you regarding your frozen embryos. You can chose to store your frozen embryos at another fertility centre, or use them in a new treatment cycle at an alternative fertility centre.

Transfer is safe

So how safe is it to transport your precious cargo?

You can rest assured that the transportation of frozen embryos is extremely safe and secure.

A small tank designed to hold your frozen embryos at their optimal temperature of -190C for many days is used for their transportation. Upon arrival to their new abode, your samples will be safely looked after and stored by the centre’s embryologist team.

We can arrange the transfer for you

Here at Complete Fertility Centre we can arrange the transfer of your frozen embryos for you. We are experienced in organising and receiving frozen gametes from other fertility centres.

Using your transferred frozen embryos for fertility treatment

If you transfer your frozen embryos to another clinic you can start fertility treatment there straight away or keep your frozen embryos in readiness for when you want to try again.

The expert and professional laboratory team at Complete Fertility Centre

At Complete Fertility Centre our highly experienced embryologists will carefully thaw your frozen embryos.

Long term frozen embryo storage

You may need longer term storage if you have frozen embryos that are not used in your treatment right now or you would like to wait for treatment.

We have safe and secure storage facilities that will look after your frozen embryos for many years.

Transfer to us and get 10% off your FET

Save £145 if you choose to transfer your FET cycle to us.

Our reduced Frozen Embryo Transfer Package for FET transfers from another clinic only is £1305. It includes:

• Consultations and follow up within 6 months
• Screening tests
• Ultrasound scans
• Early pregnancy scan
• Blastocyst culture if appropriate

Drugs are not included in the package price and will cost approximately £150.

Excellent FET success rates at Complete Fertility Centre

Here at Complete Fertility Centre patients benefit from our excellent success rates:

  • 56% of FETs in women under 35 years achieved a clinical pregnancy.

More information

Please contact us on 023 8120 6980 or email

Risk factors to consider for home insemination

Artificial insemination is commonly used by people who require donated sperm in their fertility treatment, including single women, same sex women and some heterosexual couples. It is also used by heterosexual couples with the partner’s sperm if they are having trouble trying to conceive due to the male partner having a very low sperm count or if they carry a genetic disorder. It can be performed at home or in a fertility clinic.

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We’re supporting LGBT’s History Month

It’s LGBT’s history month and to show our support we will be posting a series of blogs on fertility treatment for same sex ladies. We have also arranged an open evening especially for same sex women to come and find out more about their fertility options and to meet our friendly and expert team.

The history of the gay rights movement has greatly impacted on the building of families for same sex couples, together with technological advances in fertility treatments.

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5 tips to help you cope with the stress of fertility at Christmas

Christmas is seen as a time for family and friends but often with these get-togethers the awkward questions about when you’re going to have a baby are asked that may increase your anxiety and stress levels.

So, we’ve put together five tips for a more relaxed Christmas for our friends on the fertility roller-coaster.

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Can your weight affect your fertility?

People whose weight falls outside of what is termed healthy for their height may reduce their chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby.

These ‘unhealthy’ weight categories include being obese, overweight and underweight. In this blog we look at the problems associated with being over and underweight for both men and women when it comes to their fertility and, what you can do to optimise your fertility.

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6 things you need to know about using donor sperm

You might need donor sperm to help you start a family for a number of reasons including being: a man with very low sperm count or no sperm, a same-sex couple or, a single woman.

In this blog we’ll help guide you through the six main things you need to consider when choosing fertility treatment with donor sperm.

Listen in to a chat about sperm donation and treatment on BBC Radio Solent

Julie our Donor Coordinator and a couple who have successfully used donor sperm in their fertility treatment with us will be chatting about sperm donation and treatment on Radio Solent this Tuesday at midday. Tune in to hear more.

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New app to support fertility patients

Complete Fertility Centre is proud to launch the MediEmo mobile application, an innovative application specially designed for fertility patients on Monday 22nd May 2017. MediEmo aims to communicate with, support and empower patients throughout their treatment journey, both logistically and emotionally.

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Know the facts about age and infertility

In women

Fertility CheckAge is the number one factor that affects female fertility. The biological clock varies from one woman to another but her fertility will progressively decline. A woman is generally most fertile during the second half of her 20’s and this then drops off substantially at around the age of 32. Fertility can decline sharply for the over 35’s.

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Free embryology consultation for CFC patients

Are you interested to find out what happens in the laboratory to your eggs, sperm and embryos?

DSC_8905The IVF laboratory is the most critical yet least understood area of a fertility centre.

With restricted access, the lab is kept as clean as possible. These embryology laboratories are filled with incubators, microscopes and highly skilled clinical embryologists to ensure patient’s eggs, sperm and embryos are kept in an optimised environment which mimics the human body as closely as we can and have the highest chance of survival and being healthy.

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Forewarned is forearmed

Fertility Check Many women these days are delaying starting a family for a multitude of reasons that are specific to their circumstances and personal life choices. Women may aspire to further their career first before trying for a baby, they may not be in a relationship with a partner who they wish to have children with or they may not feel financially stable to provide for a future family.

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