16 January 2017

Why donate your sperm?

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There are many reasons men choose to donate their sperm to help women and couples have a baby who couldn’t do so without this generous act of donation. Here are just a few.

If you’re thinking about giving sperm then you may associate with one or more of these reasons.

1. Give the gift of family – a truly incredible gift that will never be forgotten by those families you help. Some donating men know first-hand the joy a new child can bring to a family and they want to help women or couples who are otherwise unable to achieve a pregnancy. Some men just want to do a good deed and help realise the dreams of these people.

2. Pass on your genes – leaving a “footprint” may be important to your self-fulfilment if you have no interest in raising your own children.

4. A connection with important/close people – you may have: a family member who’s struggled with infertility, grown up with a friend who is donor-conceived or, have a partner who has previously been a donor. You’ll realise what a difference donating sperm can make.

5. Plenty of sperm to spare – you’ve got millions of sperm to spare. Donating sperm wont affect your reproductive health.

6. Your donation will change lives – your chance to help change the status of a couple or single person into a family.

7. Find out about your sperm quality and get infectious disease screening free – we perform a semen analysis to find out how many sperm you have, how fast they are, how they look and if they are normal and comprehensive screening to check if you’re free from infection.

8. There’s a shortage of sperm donors – nationally there’s a shortage of sperm donors to meet the demand. Many more sperm donors are needed to help woman and couples to achieve their only hope of having a baby.

9. Get compensated – we reimburse qualified donors for their time and expenses with compensation. Sperm donors receive £35 per visit, £525 for 15 samples.

Could you give the gift of life?

For more information visit: www.completefertility.co.uk/sperm_donation.php
Talk to our Donor Co-ordinator on 023 8120 8359
Or email donorcoordinator@completefertility.co.uk

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