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14 March 2024

Safe and Realistic about Egg Freezing

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There is media coverage about fertility clinics potentially misleading patients about their chances of having a baby after egg freezing. The Complete Fertility team wishes to reassure women and our patients we do our utmost to provide transparent, personalised advice and care for everyone considering egg freezing. Managing expectations is paramount in this process and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Hear from our Medical Director, Professor Ying Cheong.

1. Every patient’s situation is unique. Therefore the care and advice we provide is carefully considered by our team of professionals before it is given to the individuals concerned. For example, the chances of success with egg freezing depends on several factors including the age of the patient, egg quality, and the ovarian (egg) reserve.

2. Education and Counselling. We help our patients make informed decisions about egg freezing. We ensure our patients have a clear understanding of the process, the limitations, and expectations for the outcome.

3. Realistic expectations. While egg freezing offers the opportunity to preserve fertility, it is not a guarantee of a pregnancy and a live birth. We are clear on our success rates and the potential challenges.

4. Ongoing support for all. We offer all our patients support and counselling from the initial inquiry all the way through their egg freezing and future treatment. We are proud to be with our patients, offering support and answering questions, every step of this journey.

5. Committed to high-quality care, innovative healthcare, and expertise. We have a state-of-the-art laboratory at our new clinic premises. We are registered and inspected by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, the UK fertility regulator and the Care Quality Commission. All our team are qualified and experienced; all our techniques are evidence-based.

We take time to carefully understand every patient. By focusing on personalised care, education, expectations and providing an excellent service, we aim to empower our patients and guide them through the process with transparency and confidence.

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