3 June 2015

Patients invited to join our trial as the end of recruitment nears

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Complete Fertility Centre is based in a university hospital and because of this, the unit is at the forefront of research and new developments in fertility medicine.

Currently, patients at the Complete Fertility Centre are invited to take part in a trial, conducted by the University of Southampton, to examine if increased levels of certain micronutrients in a couple’s diet improves the embryo quality, and if so how.

Participants are randomised to either of two healthy diet supplement programs that have shown in previous studies to be potentially of benefit. They are given a hamper with smoothie drinks, oils and spreads to supplement their normal diet for six weeks.

In addition to a free supplement hamper, participating couples also benefit from endometrial scratching. Scratching the endometrial lining of the womb is thought to help embryos to implant and increase the success during IVF.

During this study the embryos are cultured and closely monitored using the latest Embryoscope™ technology. The Embryoscope™ is an incubator with a camera that continuously captures and records images of the developing embryo and maintains the necessary physiological conditions required while they are in the IVF laboratory. The Embryoscope™ allows the embryologist to monitor embryo cell divisions and gives them further information to select the embryos which have the best potential for implantation. The video footage is available to patients if their embryo is transferred.

Professor Nick Macklon, Medical Director of Complete Fertility Centre Southampton said: “There’s a great deal of information in the press about the benefits of certain micronutrients in the diet of women trying for a baby. Our exploratory research hopes to validate some of these beliefs. We are also delighted to offer participants of our study the use of an Embryoscope™, the latest technology that monitors an embryo’s development, without any extra costs.”

There are limited spaces remaining on the study, if you’re interested then please contact the Sue Wellstead on 023 8120 6856, or email susan.wellstead@uhs.nhs.uk.

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