17 June 2015

Patients invited to join our PROMOTE trial and benefit from latest Embryoscope™ technology

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Patients undergoing treatment at the Complete Fertility Centre, Southampton are currently being invited to take part in the PROMOTE trial. This is a study of two different types of incubator, currently in clinical use and will allow us to examine whether there are any differences between the growth and development of embryos cultured in the two environments.

Both the MINC benchtop incubator and the Embryoscope mimic the physiological conditions in a woman’s body as closely as possible to provide an optimal environment for the embryos while they are in the IVF laboratory.

With the standard MINC incubator, the embryos are taken out of the incubator at set time points by Embryologists to check their development under a microscope and determine which are most likely to result in a healthy pregnancy.

An Embryoscope™ is a new type of incubator that allows the embryologist to monitor embryo cell divisions while the embryos are still in the incubator.

The Embryoscope may improve IVF outcomes, but this has not yet been demonstrated. In the PROMOTE trial, we wish to compare this incubator with our standard incubator Please note both have been shown to be safe and effective in clinical practice.

More information

Couples wishing to take part should contact Sue Wellstead on 023 8120 6856 or email susan.wellstead@uhs.nhs.uk for more information and the eligibility criteria.

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