11 November 2019

No wait list for donor sperm at Complete Fertility Centre

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Complete Fertility Centre currently has no ‘wait list’ for donor sperm after successfully recruiting sperm donors through an online recruitment drive that has resonated with men’s altruistic side.

Professor Ying Cheong, Medical Director at Complete Fertility Centre said the ‘no wait list’ is good news for single women and same sex and heterosexual couples needing a sperm donor to help them have a baby.

Donor sperm brings hope to couples and women who would love to experience the joys of parenthood but cannot without it. Some men have a very low sperm count or no sperm for a variety of reasons, or there may be no male partner.

The HFEA ‘Fertility treatment 2017: trends and figures’ report revealed that there was a 12% increase in treatments for patients in female same-sex relationships and a 4% increase for single women between 2016 and 2017.  

The national rise in fertility treatment for these patient groups means that more sperm donors are needed.

“Complete Fertility would like to thank the male community for their donations, but also call on more men, and their altruistic side, in the Southampton locality to donate sperm to keep up with demand,” said Professor Cheong.

“Men often become donors out of the genuine desire to help women who can’t have children without donor sperm.”    

Complete Fertility is well renowned in the same sex and single women communities as a provider of first-class fertility treatment. Both partners in a same sex couple can be directly involved in the creation of their baby through our affordable mutual parenting packages.

Patients can choose their sperm donor based on the donor’s physical characteristics and their employment, education and interests.

“We currently have over 20 sperm donors ready for use right now. Our high-quality sperm donors are rigorously screened and have full medical histories taken. We understand the importance of choosing a donor who is right for each individual patient and we’re pleased to offer a wide range of donors with interesting hobbies, a variety of physical attributes, and diverse professions from engineers to solicitors to students.”

All sperm donors at Complete Fertility Centre are invited to write a pen portrait that includes a description about them and a goodwill message intended for any child or children born as a result of their donation.

Complete Fertility Centre is committed to bringing fertility treatment closer to home. Patients can benefit from local face to face appointments in Southampton, Bournemouth and Portsmouth and skype consultations, as well as choosing their donor online.

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