1 March 2018

New owners for Complete Fertility Centre

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We are delighted that as of 1st April 2018 Complete Fertility Centre will be owned and operated by Complete Fertility Ltd (a subsidiary of Virtus Health).

Introducing Complete Fertility Ltd and Virtus Health

The two Directors of Complete Fertility Ltd, Ying Cheong a Professor in Reproductive Medicine and Julia Paget a Senior Embryologist, were part of the original team to co-found Complete Fertility Centre Southampton and they will continue their work at the centre.

The parent company, Virtus Health Ltd, is the market leading Assisted Reproductive Services (ARS) provider in Australia and Ireland. It focuses on driving innovation and advancing the science and technology behind reproductive medicine to provide the best possible chance of creating a family.

The CFL Medical Director Professor Ying Cheong and the management team and founders said they are delighted the clinic is collaborating with Virtus.

“Complete Fertility and Virtus share many common values. The foundations of both organisations are built on providing the best possible treatment and care for those trying to have a baby and create the family they desire,” said Professor Cheong.

“Virtus is setting high standards in ARS and leading best practice globally and we want to be part of this for our patients and the Complete Fertility team. We are excited by these opportunities,” concluded Professor Cheong.

Ms Sue Channon, Virtus Group CEO said: “This acquisition adds to Virtus’ international growth strategy in carefully selected international markets. The UK market is well regulated with excellent scientific capability,”

“CFL is highly regarded in the UK providing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments to NHS and private patients and, its clinicians are at the forefront of research and development in the ART field,” said Ms Sue Channon, Group CEO.

What this means for our patients

• We will continue to offer the same high-quality fertility service to both private and NHS patients.

• Renewed investment in the service will enable us to develop and provide innovative services in modern facilities, ultimately improving patient experience.

• Our patients’ embryos/sperm/eggs have been stored within the strict guidelines of the HFEA Code of Practice. These protocols will continue to apply and there will be no change to the careful way in which we look after our patients’ samples whilst under our care.

• CFC Ltd complies with current national legislation and regulations in relation to data protection as outlined in the HFEA 8th Code of Practice. As such, past patient records are kept for at least 30 years after treatment and will then be appropriately destroyed. However, any records containing donor gamete information will never be discarded.

More information

For more information, please contact Julia Paget, Clinic Director at Julia.paget@completefertility.co.uk.

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