15 May 2017

New app to support fertility patients

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Complete Fertility Centre is proud to launch the MediEmo mobile application, an innovative application specially designed for fertility patients on Monday 22nd May 2017. MediEmo aims to communicate with, support and empower patients throughout their treatment journey, both logistically and emotionally.

The pioneering application has been developed by Horizon Strategic Partners in conjunction with Cardiff University. It boasts a number of functions to assist our patients during their IVF treatment whilst also allowing for the immediate and efficient dissemination of information from the clinic to patients.

Clinicians can view and manage all patient activities via a patient portal. Patients will be sent notifications of their drug regime via the app to remind them of the drugs they need to take and to inform them of any changes to their drug schedule. Patients are simply required to acknowledge that they have completed their specified daily drug regime by swiping the notification.

A patient’s drug administration is recorded on the app and the portal enabling the patients to review it at any time and the clinic to know that patients are managing their drugs correctly.

The app features an emotional signature component which enables patients to record how they feel each day during their treatment. Evidence-based benefits of keeping an emotional diary include it providing help in coping with stressful events. Patient’s daily emotions are graphically represented on the app and the portal allowing the patients and the clinic to keep track of how treatment is affecting them. The daily record keeping of emotions also enables the clinic to become interactive if a patients signs of coping appear to be deteriorating.

In addition to the medical and mood features, the app holds a whole host of specific information about fertility treatment, our fertility centre, and coping techniques. Frequently asked questions and answers about assisted conception procedures, symptoms and information on our team and clinic are available at a patient’s finger tips. Information and guidance on coping strategies provide patients with an extra source of support during treatment, especially during their waiting period between embryo transfer and the pregnancy test.

Professor Nick Macklon, Scientific Director and Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology said: “We are excited to be the first in the world to use this app. It offers a brand new and innovative way of communicating with and supporting our patients to provide individualised care and assistance as required to all of our patients. Feedback during the pilot phase was very positive and we look forward to developing the app further as more patients use it and offer valuable feedback.”

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