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2 October 2019

Funding Options For Private IVF & Fertility Treatment

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If you need help to have a baby, you might assume that you cannot afford private fertility treatment or you will need to save up for it.

At Complete Fertility, we understand that you’d like to try for a baby as soon as possible rather than waiting to save up, and that’s why we’ve developed affordable complete package fees with no hidden costs, as well as interest-free finance to help you start your fertility treatment now.

Our Complete Packages

We offer packages for all of our routine treatments, including IVF, ICSI, egg sharing, IUI, and treatment with donor sperm, eggs or embryos.

The benefits of our complete package includes:

  • Highly competitive fixed-prices for treatment
  • Simple and easy to understand pricing
  • All you need for a typical treatment cycle to support cost control*
  • Peace of mind without the worry of unexpected costs.

IVF or ICSI Packages

Our IVF and ICSI packages include all your pre-treatment screening tests for you and your partner, medical, nursing, and embryology consultations and follow up within three months, a blastocyst transfer, early pregnancy scan, and up to six counselling sessions for support throughout your fertility journey.

IUI Packages

Popular with same sex and single women our IUI package includes pre-treatment screening tests for both partners, medical, nursing, and sperm preparation consultations and follow up within six months, up to six counselling sessions, and an early pregnancy scan.

Donor Programme Packages

Sperm Donor Packages

You can buy donor sperm for one cycle or benefit from a greatly reduced package price if you buy three cycles.

Egg Sharing Packages

Egg sharing is a truly generous and positive act that involves donating half of your eggs produced during your IVF treatment, to a woman who needs eggs so that both have a good chance of becoming pregnant.

Our basic egg sharing package starts at £0 and includes: consultations, screening tests for sharer and male partner if applicable, semen preparation of partner sperm if applicable, all drugs for the sharer, HFEA fee, blastocyst culture, up to six counselling sessions, attempted fertilisation of at least 4 eggs, and a pregnancy scan.

Mutual Parenting Package

We have developed an egg sharing package for same sex women who wish to donate half their eggs to their partner and the other half to an anonymous recipient. Screening tests and all drugs for the donor and recipient are included, as well as medical consent treatment consultation and nursing consultations, scans and preparation for recipient, blastocyst culture, up to six counselling sessions and an early pregnancy scan.

Egg Donor Packages

Egg recipients can benefit from treatment with eggs donated by an altruistic donor whose eggs are shared between two anonymous recipients, treatment with eggs from a woman who is having IVF treatment herself and who donates half her eggs to an anonymous recipient, or a known donor such as a same sex partner or a friend or relative.

Embryo Donor Package

Our treatment with donor embryos package includes: consultations, screening tests for recipient, up to six counselling sessions, allocation of at least two frozen donor embryos at the blastocyst stage, pregnancy scan and storage of any remaining embryos for one year.

* may exclude HFEA fees, drug fees and treatment planning consultation.

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